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even the postern on the east; Krsnappa of .CeSji who conceal-
ed his dear self within the fort, did not venture to show himself
out; on the death of all his trusted nobles, the one who was
defeated was caught in a cage. The Sakamurus, the Ravelas,
and the Makarajus became wild animals in frenzy by terror 14 .
Krsnappa Kedu said: " Oh! Virappa, the battle has failed;
Jaggaraja, among the Ksatriyas fell in the front of the battle-
field ;   make haste,  we must   reach Cirutanapalli; Makarapi
has already dashed away upon his horse.   We do not know
how to mount an elephant 5 and (if we remain) death is certain
to overtake us outside the camp.    Ravela Venkana has begun
to flee.   One fled at first, and another followed him.''   Vlrappa
who listened to these words of his friend, stole away from the
field at the sight of Yacama's forces (5). Cina Rautu, Tippu
Rautu, Tatapasetti and Gratti Mudali sought safety in flight or.e
after another (6).    Is  it possible for one crore of Gobburi
Jaggarajas, seventy crores of Makaraja's fathers, and one lakk
and  sixteen  Ravela. Venkas to oppose Yacama?    Can goats
make a stand against a fierce tiger ? (7) Oh! Makaraja, you
can't   stand   proudly   in   the    battle-field.     Abandon   your
improper pride; Oh ! Ravela Yenkatadri, this hostility with
Yaca is not worthy of you;   OK! Jaggaraja, can a weakling
attack   a   fierce   tiger  bravely V vo) Thirty-thousand heroic
warriors  under  Davala Papa advanced with much foolhardi-
ness on you; but Oh I Yaca son of Ranga, you opposed them
only  with  two thousand troops.    There is none among the
manner who is your peer.  (9).    Yacama  has taken a vow to
place the crown of royalty on the head *of Raxnaraja.   Even
the Three Dunedars dare not face him.    Can Etiraja oppose
him ?   Therefore, having opposed him, Etiraja was obliged
to take to his heels  (10). When the multitude of chiefs headed
by Jaggaraja, being unable to face Rangaya Yaca in battle,
took to flight, Kannili was alarmed, Satyavidu trembled^ CeSji
fell to pieces ; the frontier forts shook; and in the
up to Madura panic prevailed (11).